I’ve got the credentials ….

  • B.A. Social Welfare, Women’s Studies San Diego State University
  • M.A. Counselling and Psychology Antioch University, Seattle WA
  • Certified Heart Rhythm Meditation Instructor, Institute of Applied Meditation
  • Certified Professional Personal Coach – Coaches Training Institute
  • Certified Nurtured Heart Instructor Children’s Success Foundation
  • Massage Therapist License and Certification – Chicago School of Massage Therapy

…. But there’s nothing textbook about my coaching style.
I don’t do “rules” or one-size-fits-all. Instead I pull from the best parts of myself — my training, my spirituality, my curiosity, my humor, my absolute belief that people never lose the primal desire to change and grow — to help my clients find and live their passion. I offer some amazing, personalized tools that help you clearly hear your heart’s desire. My philosophy boils down to this: if you believe you deserve more I can help you get more. It’s that simple.

I love to see people succeed.
I love my own accomplishments and I love other people’s! I love to break things down so the challenge is all-manageable and every little step you take ensures success in whatever increment is possible. So when you work with me, you will always feel success. You will get used to what that feels like in your body and in your soul. And you will want more.

We’re not talking about the type of success that makes you feel okay about yourself and your position in the world. We are talking about bone-deep success — the stuff born of curiosity and a human desire to learn and grow. The kind of success that drives your first baby steps, inching along at a crawl until you can master standing up and then stepping forward on your own. This isn’t a showy type of success — it’s your creative life force in action. That’s the kind of coaching I do. Together, we disentangle the knots that are keeping your life force from flowing and we move you towards the place you want to be.

It’s time for a new beginning.

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