Try Before You Buy

Of course you need to know who I am. We’re about to take a momentous journey together and you want to make sure your transition is in safe and sympathetic hands.

That’s why I’ve come up with a couple of options for you to learn more about me and get you started on your journey.

Free 30-minute free coaching consultation

There’s no better way of getting to know a person than speaking with them! During this free half hour telephone consultation, we look at your stumbling blocks and I suggest ways in which I can help. You get a taste of how I work and if I am the right coach for you.

This offer is strictly no obligation. Take the first step on your journey and contact me to book that 30-minute telephone session now.


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No other coach has my voice, and that voice comes across clearly in my newsletter “The Heart of the Matter.” It might not be frequent, but it will put a smile on your face! Sign up below and remember, if you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe any time.

Sign up for one of my free teleconferences

This gives you a no obligation opportunity to experience the flavor of coaching while learning something new.

If you’re motivated, willing to put in a lot of independent work and prefer the support of a group, then my four-week group coaching sessions could well be the right outlet for you.


So when’s a good time to start? How about now!

You can email or call me for a relaxed, friendly chat about life coaching or take advantage of my free offers and try before you buy.

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