• Molly, you are so brave and this will be a great and new adventure. I did something like this at age 64… bought a house with 2 other women in Southern Oregon… we were like the Golden Girls, My family thought I had lost my mind. It was a great adventure. 3 little old ladies 19 miles from the town of Jacksonville on 11 acres of ranch land and lots of maintenance. I loved it… we moved into town after awhile and I loved living in Jacksonville and would still be there if my daughter had not adopted, Elsabet in 2008. I will be eager to keep reading your posts. I will be in Green Valley next spring visiting cousins (an annual evert) and hope to connect with you some way.

    August 22, 2015
  • Nancy hollis

    So good to get the latest news. I miss you!! Love you. Nancy

    August 22, 2015
  • Molly McCormick

    Thanks Elizabeth Merriman! I remember you living up in Oregon and then moving down here… I’ll private message you my info or you can always reach me via Facebook. Would love to see you when you come down here.

    August 22, 2015
  • Tim Menard

    Right on Molly Mc! You are living the journey, with wonder and awe of the destination. Coraggio la mia amica! It gets better

    August 23, 2015
  • Kathy Becker

    Molly, you are truly and amazing and inspiring person!! I am sorry also that we all did not have the opportunity to gather to celebrate our entry into our wonderful and exciting 60″s. I applaud your attitude in your move to Tuscon but I have to say that I don’t envy you the current heat.

    I so wish you well and incredible happiness and many adventures in your new land of “home”. Please stay in touch and contiue to share your wonderful stories!

    August 23, 2015
  • Miss Molly –

    I am just reading this now, and grinning at the adventure of it. Congratulations on making such a big leap, and for meeting the opportunity when it winked at you. So courageous and inspiring! Can’t wait to see how these next chapters unfold. Love you!

    September 04, 2015
  • Becky

    Hi Miss Molly!
    Just discovered your cool website and was happy for the chance to hear how things are evolving on your latest adventure! My mom has recently been eying a move to another insanely hot spot-Las Vegas,where my sister lives, and wants me to go with her. Hmmm.
    I’d miss her enourmously if she goes, but after some deliberation I decided that I don’t think I could take the heat. Although desert heat is more tolerable to me than Bay Area temps in the 90-100’s like we are currently experiencing! Ugh! Have you gotten used to it yet? Anyway, congratulations on following your heart to a new adventure in Tuscon, and to you and Noreen for pulling it all together so quickly to make it happen! I will always treasure all the fun times I had with you and Noreen- floating in warm mineral water in Calistoga – hanging out at the Yuba river, white water rafting, our brief but fabulous and fun “restaurant club, ( lol! ) and on & on! And also just the many times of hanging out together doing whatever, especially all the laughing! Good times with good friends. It was a great “chapter “. I always, and still do, value and appreciate your calm, compassionate kindness amidst the whirling dervish of impulsive craziness that was sometimes Noreen and I – lol! Wishing you both a very happy next “chapter ” in your new adventure! Love to you both!

    September 08, 2015

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