How it works

Life Coaching sessions are one-on-one. I will coach you by phone, once a week, for a 50-minute session. At the first session, we will start the discovery process. I will ask questions and listen carefully to your responses. This is my opportunity to root out your inner critics and help us establish an action plan for untying the knots. It’s not as scary as it sounds; most clients find it liberating.

I tailor each session to the person who is being coached; you choose what is most important and you set the pace. This is where a journey unfolds. Many times my clients start with one goal, only to uncover a different and more compelling goal beneath.

Together we devise an action plan for the patterns that are emerging. This will help you reframe obstacles so you can work within your belief systems towards your goals. There is a minimum initial commitment of 3 months. It takes that long to cement the changes you’re making. The journey can last three months, six months or more, depending on your objectives and how long, realistically, it will take to achieve them.

At each session, I get you completely into the moment so you can own your energy and take responsibility for it. You will feel more relaxed because as you open up, clear thinking starts to flow. I promise to lighten difficult situations with humor, and I always leave you with the next doable step for you to feel success. Between sessions, you’ll get plenty of email support if needed.

I will always believe in you.

When you achieve your goal or objective, we celebrate! After all, my goal as a coach is to have you integrate your learning so the need for coaching is no longer there. For me, one of the high points of the journey is seeing what people do after they have worked with me for a while. Businesses have started, promotions acquired, creativity projects unleashed…I am always amazed by the glorious success people achieve when they truly believe they can achieve it.

Ready to start?

Great! For a journey filled with passion, laughter and inspiration contact Molly today. I can’t wait to begin our journey!

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