Life Coaching


Let’s start by saying what it isn’t. It isn’t therapy, counseling or psychology. I’m not a doctor. Instead, I hone into your greatness, not your dysfunction. Coaching is not yogic, religious or witchcraft, though I do use a lot of perspective building, positive psychology, meditation and heart-centered work to help you overcome your stumbling blocks.

I am not a miracle worker. I won’t solve your problems for you; you’ll have to do some work. Together, we may look to your past to see what might be holding you back. Coaching works in the here and now and looks at your whole wheel of life — to see what is working and what isn’t. It looks forward, to help you understand where you are, where you want to be and how you can get there. For people already doing great, it helps them do even better.

My clients come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: they embrace the challenge of bringing greater energy and success to their lives.

I’m here to provide an external perspective on life. To help you connect with your feelings and open up to fresh approaches. To serve as a robust support system to keep you moving forward.



Know yourself better in a deeper and kinder way than when you started coaching.

You will have clarity on what you want from your life, work and relationships.

Learn to move from courage rather than fear.

Have more confidence and a sense of adventure about your life.

Live and work more creatively.

Feel confident about who you are, how you are and why you do what you do.


Life Coaching sessions are one-on-one and done over the phone, skype or zoom once a week, for 50-minute increments. During the Discovery process, I will ask questions and listen carefully to your responses. This is my opportunity to root out your inner critics and help establish an action plan for untying the knots. It’s not as scary as it sounds; most clients find it liberating.

You choose what is most important and set the pace. This is where a journey unfolds. Many clients start with one goal, only to uncover a different and more compelling goal beneath.

We devise an action plan for the patterns and aspirations that emerge. Obstacles get reframed, hidden belief systems become visible and your coaching goal lights up!

There is a minimum initial commitment of 3 months. It takes that long to cement the changes you’re making. The journey can last three months, six months or more, depending on your objectives and how long, realistically, it takes to achieve them.

Coaching helps you feel more relaxed because as you open up, clear thinking starts to flow. I promise to lighten difficult situations with humor and always leave you with the next doable step for you to feel success.

I will always believe in you.

When you achieve your goal or objective, we celebrate! After all, my goal as a coach is to have you integrate your learning so the need for coaching is no longer there. One of the high points for me is seeing what people do after their coaching. Businesses get started, promotions acquired, creativity projects unleashed … I am amazed by the glorious success people achieve when they truly believe they can achieve it.

"Molly was my first life coach. Last year, I was in a panic stage of not knowing the direction of my career and my life. Nothing could help - friends, books, workshops or any career/life evaluation tools etc. I found Molly via Linked-in and then spent 3 months coaching with her. At the end of coaching, I grew into a stage of being that I know where I am heading to in both life and workplace, and know how to get there.

Molly is gentle, caring and warm like sunshine. The most important value Molly uniquely brought me is her ability to guide me out of the dark stage, to bring my true self out of ego, find my dream and then guide me to create a step-by-step plan to manifest the new version of me. My work and life are very different now - I am living a joyful life and enjoy the process of manifesting the new version of me.

Molly is fun. Her intuition was also what I was looking for as if she can receive the wisdom for me. Thank you, Molly!" ~Fang Yu


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