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My mind doesn’t seem that friendly in the middle of the night, fussing about a to-do list or a growing pile of bills. Then add in the judgment that I’m not sleeping and how it's going to mess up the next day and a little anger creeps in. Nope, my mind isn’t a friend at that point.

There are all sorts of scenarios and examples of when our brains aren’t driven from a positive perspective. Why is that? Many times it is influenced by physical factors. Being hungry or tired affects my mood. Also, not enough social interaction – something that has affected me since the COVID days makes me feel more negative.



Positive Intelligence is a theory developed by Shirzad Chamine and it looks at the relationship between how often your mind helps you, compared to how often it hinders you. A Positive Intelligence quotient (PQ) is the percentage of time your mind works in your best interest. Chamine explains “Positive Intelligence is the relative strength of these two modes of your mind.”

You can find your own score when you click on this link.

Positive Intelligence is more than a theory though. It is a powerful framework that identifies the patterns and beliefs that do not serve one’s best interests. Offered as a 7-week Mental Fitness Boot Camp, one has the opportunity to identify their patterns, become proficient in catching those negative inducing vibes and BEST OF ALL, build the brain muscles that create new perspectives.

This all leads to a greater sense of Present Moment Awareness.

Achieving present-moment awareness is a way of life, a daily approach to living on this planet.

It requires a conscious and disciplined use of attention and intention. The PQ® Mental Fitness Boot Camp gives you that opportunity. It consists of a weekly video by Shirzad Chamine that explains the science and sets the context for your week’s workouts. The workouts are four 2-minute interruptions in your day. These interruptions are intentional, delivered to you via your phone, and designed to wake up your senses. BUT JUST FOR 2 MINUTES at a time! There is also a weekly call with me for checking in and support.

I can promise you that accumulating present-moment awareness in this boot camp is extremely rewarding and long-lasting. It activates a way of being that empowers us to respond to life instead of reacting to it.

If this is something that interests you or if you are someone who is distracted by negative thinking and wants to feel more joy, peace, and calmness in your life, I invite you to join me for an introduction to the boot camp on November 1st at 3 pm PST. You can register here: Intro to the Mental Fitness Boot Camp

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