East Bay Express Editors Pick : Best Personal Coach

“The concept of coaching can seem so, well, junior high and forced, like a demented combination of homeroom and boot camp: laps across the soccer field until your lungs are on fire, hitting the floor for yet another round of pushups, rushing the other kid until you’re both seeing stars. But that’s not the kind of coaching Molly McCormick of Mind-Body Integration Counseling provides. Rather than dishing out mandatory torture, McCormick helps clients look more deeply at their lives, acting as a friendly witness. She’ll help you set goals, sure, but using what she calls an “appreciative approach” — a way of being curious about what might happen next and taking a proactive, instead of reactive, stance toward opportunities and challenges. And don’t worry, McCormick walks her talk, too, showing through her own life that personal growth is in the effort, not necessarily in the accomplishment: In the 2008 Bicycle Tour De Colorado — a seven-day, 403-mile ride with 38,000 feet of climbing — she rode 311 miles and climbed 25,050 feet in six days. With McCormick, it’s progress, not perfection, that makes for a life well-lived.” (via East Bay Express | Best of the East Bay 2010x)

Client Feedback

“On the path to finding my voice and my place in the word as a woman writer, I have fought many dragons and overcome thorny obstacles. Along the way, I’ve applied for help to spiritual technologies, yoga asanas, psychological modalities. By now, I know what works and what doesn’t. Molly works; I don’t know how she does what she does but it doesn’t matter. When I’m stuck and I can’t figure out how or even which way is forward, I call Mollly and we figure it out. If you’re a creative type or any type seeking a creative and independent life, I recommend Molly to you with all my heart. She’ll help you to find your way back to your true calling and access all the powers you need to fulfill it.” –  Nina Schnall 

“Molly McCormick is the most powerful coach I’ve worked with. She has an uncanny way of removing all barriers so you can move forward and achieve the goals you’ve written. I outlined my one; three; and six month goals and with two coaching calls with Molly I achieved all my goals, including my six month goals within a month! I feel totally safe with Molly. She is compassionate and extremely honest. I appreciate her patient listening skills. I have referred many of my own clients to her and if someone is ready, Molly is the person to usher them through to their dreams!”
– Tricia Ceresa, RDH

When you want to walk through your fear, the hand of Molly McCormick will always be there. I know. I have been there. – Larry Tasse, Musician and Songwriter

Without your personal coaching, the Gremlin Taming © workshop, I don’t think I would have the clarity or fortitude to move past the challenges and manifest all the Creative good that is entering my life. – Gigi Anber Owner of Veganville

I have spent many decades, using multiple disciplines, trying to slay obsessive thoughts, excise negative mind chatter, exterminate “the committee,” annihilate spinning mind—with pitifully little success.  Luckily, Molly McCormick invited me to attend her “Taming Your Gremlins” class. Just the title alone offered a new perspective and a visual possibility. “Hmm. Maybe I don’t have to fight my anxieties to the death—just tame them.” I signed up immediately.  And in an extremely insightful yet fun-filled two hours, Molly provided  the tools to identify and then tame those gremlins.  And the best part? I can now do it!  Would I even go so far as to say I found this class life changing? YES. Mo Sansing

Because of the Gremlin workshop that I took, I am able to recognize and identify the gremlins in my head and shoo them away. I am also able to make short term goals and able to keep them and even if I don’t I have learned I don’t need to beat myself up over it. For that would be letting the gremlins win!  This is a great workshop that I would recommend to anyone. In one workshop, I learned alot about myself and it is worth your time and money. – Joi Grabowski

“Molly has been my coach and has helped transform my life in phenomenal ways. When I started with her, I was unemployed and feeling very directionless. She immediately zeroed in on who I was. She helped me see my individual qualities, recognize dissenting voices in my head, and helped me find a way to be who I am meant to be. Molly is an incredible listener, hearing what’s not said and then coaching me from that place. She is playful, open, and willing to take risks, all in service of finding what motivates and impassions me. This coaching has been an incredible force in my life and I feel blessed to have this experience as part of my journey.” – Amiel Landor MA

“From running my business, to managing my time, to meeting that ‘someone special,’ Molly is always there for me with encouragement, support, and enthusiasm! She helps me stay focused on what’s most important to me – not an easy task! She challenges me to push myself to the next level of possibility while helping me find joy and fulfillment in the journey. – Mendhi Aidlin

“I was laid off from my “desk job” and decided that this may be my last chance to give my life long dream of becoming an artist the old college try. I had no idea where to begin. I was paralyzed with fear and couldn’t even tell people that I was an artist! I decided to invest a little in myself and get a coach. Boy did I find a good one! By enlisting Molly’s help, I have recently gone over the $10,000 dollar mark in sales of my paintings. Last year at this time I was sitting in an office being miserable, and today I am supporting myself as a fine artist. Molly’s coaching has helped me to identify and work through my fears, which were daunting at first. With her boundless energy, creativity, and patience, she has helped me to set goals and then take the steps to achieve them. I never could have done this without her coaching. I am about to have the second showing of my artwork in less than a year! She is the best and I never would have believed that I could have come this far in such a short time. I am living my dream life today thanks to Molly.” – Kristin Gilmartin

Molly called me the most stubborn and difficult client she had ever worked with. Yet, she hung in there with me….and the work paid off. I changed my behavior, got better results in my life…and Molly is the one who served as a very effective catalyst to make it all happen. She’s the best!” – Peter H.

“I can’t recommend Molly’s coaching skills highly enough. She is positive, organized and highly skilled at meeting her clients exactly where they are and helping them prioritize and work toward their goals. Working with Molly was liking getting a defrag on my brain, leaving my local drive working faster and more efficiently! Molly cuts to the heart of an issue with kindness but with all due speed. I was thrilled with how quickly I was able to overcome obstacles (mental, situational, real, invented) after getting into a regular cadence of coaching with Molly.” – Kate Merriman

“My work with Molly was an epiphany – not only did she help me make a smooth and solid transition into shaping a creative life for myself, but her words of encouragement and guidance have become somewhat of a mantra. I hear them still, and have continued to make many positive, reinforcing choices as a result of our work together. I couldn’t have become the writer I am today without her.” – Maya Stein

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