• Jeri Turley

    Thanks for writing and sharing this. Too many times Thanksgiving has been uncomfortable because the conversation meanders into volatile territory. One year we stumbled onto a great way to connect. Before dinner everyone wrote something that they were grateful for, folded the paper and put them into a bowl together. After we ate, the bowl was passed around and each person would read someone’s note and everyone would try to guess whose it was. It was revealing and funny at times No one guessed mine because I guess no one knew that my pets topped my list. We took our time and didn’t rush it. Sentiments ran high and laughter was gut busting. I recommend trying it for Christmas too. Oh, and don’t be too predictable in your answers lol! Great article and suggestions. Thank Molly! !

    November 21, 2017
  • Molly McCormick

    Great idea Jeri!! I like the guessing game its made into!!

    November 21, 2017

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