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Power up your happiness

Life’s too short to be unhappy. I can help you gain confidence, find purpose and rediscover your midlife mojo once and for all.  


Lost your purpose and sense of who you are?

You're not alone. So many people feel under pressure, undervalued and underrepresented. That’s especially true for accomplished women who are suddenly feeling that age might be an obstacle when it comes to achieving their dreams.


Maybe your children are growing up and leaving home. Perhaps you’re seeking to ramp down a successful career, or you are taking care of elderly parents along with your work and family responsibilities. Empty nester, unpaid carer, family load-bearer, shoulder to cry on, ball juggler, peacekeeper—you’re all of these things and more. That’s the reality for women in their 50s and 60s.    


If you’re experiencing the fear and doubt that always attach themselves to change…

Hold tight. There’s a change coming.

You can take the bull by the horns and learn how to stop the sabotaging voices that say “You can’t do it!” or “Who do you think you are?” There is a way through the frustration and limiting self-talk of these transitioning times towards a life of clarity and courage. 


And your journey starts here. 


Take your free assessment to learn about the inner saboteurs that are holding you back.

Take A Free Assessment

Identify Your Saboteurs

Reboot Your Thinking 

Be the woman warrior you were born to be. 

It’s neuroscience! 

Everyone has self-critical thoughts running through their head every day. The major part of staying mentally healthy is getting these saboteurs to shut up, so your mind can be your best friend, not your worst enemy.


Enter the Positive Intelligence® (PQ®) Bootcamp Program.


This scientifically validated program will help you disable the negative storylines in your head. Real data shows that by changing the way you think about yourself, you can undo old habits, improve performance, and relight your fire in the skin that you’re in. 


In just 6 weeks, you’ll feel refreshed, joyful, and excited for the months and years ahead. 

Take A Free Assessment

Identify Your Saboteurs

Reboot Your Thinking 

How To Begin

Let’s radically transform your sense
of who you are.

Imagine how great it would be to shed those feelings of not-enoughness and hidden fears. Instead of tolerating those “same old, same old” feelings, you develop a sense of empowerment. Sounds unrealistic?


Let me show you how!


Enroll in the Positive Intelligence®(PQ®) Mental Bootcamp Program and join thousands of women who are building their brain capacity for positivity, confidence and clear-headed purpose. The impact?

Gain clarity on the saboteurs that are holding you back

Overcome self doubt, with much less overthinking and self-judgment 

Feel inspired to take positive action 

Operate at peak performance, calmly and with confidence

Reveal a better, stronger, happier you.

We’re better together

Once enrolled in the program, you'll join a small group of like-minded women who are looking to power up their happiness, just like you. 


Your ‘pod’ is led by me, Molly, and provides a safe community of support and accountability. We'll meet weekly in 30-minute virtual sessions to discuss each week's training. You’ll be invited (but not pressured) to share experiences, discoveries and breakthroughs with people who get what you’re going through. This unique community approach can have big results in terms of your resilience, clarity and confidence.

Want to get your happy back?

Take A Free Assessment

Identify Your Saboteurs

Reboot Your Thinking 

Fire up your mental muscles for powerful results

You might wonder why it’s called a Bootcamp if you don’t move your muscles. Well, you do! You’ll just be training your brain muscles, not your body. 


Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology techniques, the PQ® Bootcamp focuses on building your brain muscles in three areas: 

#1. Boost your Saboteur Inceptor muscle
Stress, anxiety, doubt, fear, anger, avoidance, perfectionism, procrastination…these sneaky saboteurs are constantly talking to you and they are not helping! The saboteur interceptor muscle identifies and exposes these limiting brain triggers so you can ‘hear’ their voices and move to positive thinking.  

#2. Strengthen your Sage Muscle


The Sage is your voice of wisdom, optimism and gratitude. We strengthen it to experience motivation, creativity, empathy, purpose and happiness; turning setbacks into opportunities and readjusting our values to what really matters.   

3. Amplify your Self Command Muscle

Self Command is the bridge that takes you from saboteur to Sage. When it’s activated, you’ll feel truly ‘in the zone’—pushing away self-doubts, feeling resilient, and spending very little time in blame or regret. You’ll notice a much-higher level of purpose than before as you calmly handle stress and move into laser-focused action. 

How to get Started

Ready to shift from Saboteur to Sage?
Take the three-minute assessment. 

Your PQ® score measures the balance of power between your unhealthy Saboteurs and your healthy Sage. It’s the best predictor of how happy you are and whether you’re able to flourish at your true potential.

Let’s Get Started 

The 3 months transformational one-on-one coaching will boost your mental fitness and stop the inner critics in their tracks. Here’s how to get started. 


Take the
FREE assessment

Take the FREE three -minute assessment and get clarity about what is draining the life out of you.


Send in
your answers

Submit your assessment to discover which of the ten saboteurs is doing the greatest harm to you right now. 


Share your report 
with me

At the end of the report, click on the link to send an email with your report to me. 


Book a FREE
clarity call

Book a clarity call with me to discuss where you want to get to now and the steps you can take to achieve that.


Enroll in the
digital bootcamp

Download the exclusive PQ® app and let it guide your daily power-up practice. Access dozens of engaging exercises and join your friendly pod to reboot your mind without having to go through multiple sessions with a therapist.  


Start your transformational coaching program

For maximum results, join me in a space where you can begin to rediscover, rejuvenate and get excited about the future with weekly pod sessions and a lot of fun! This three-month program extends your learning and is the best way to get sustained results.

Invest in your best quality life. 
You deserve it. 

Payment Plans are available. Simply contact me to find out more.

  • PQ Bootcamp Coaching

    6-Week Mental Fitness Boot Camp
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • + 6-week program -Guiding & supporting you every day
    • + PQ Assessment
    • + Saboteur Assessment
    • + PQ app access
    • + Weekly check-in calls
    • + Includes a coaching call to maximize success worth $150
    • + Weekly videos to support your mental fitness workouts
    • + 5 Daily notifications for exercises
    • + A full year of access to the Boot Camp, the exercises and
    • +3 Months of GROW – an upgrade to continue worth $120
  • Best Value

    Chapter 2 For You

    Package - payment plans available
    Valid for 3 months
    • Includes EVERYTHING in the PQ Boot Camp Package
    • 5 Coaching Sessions after the Boot Camp OR
    • If available, PQ Coaching Group (2xmonth for 3 months)
    • + 3 months of GROW
  • Single Session

    Every week
    Need more flexibility? Book a single session.
    • + Personalized support on demand
    • + Maximum flexibility
    • + Experience coaching

What are you waiting for?

Let’s do this! Take the first step on your path to positivity. Take your free assessment today.

Why choose PQ® Bootcamp with Molly?

It can feel like a lot of work to get your mental fitness in order.

The PQ® program is a life-changing journey that, along with my guidance and encouragement, will give you the simple road map you need to raise your impact.

  • Data supported program – PQ® is effective because it’s fully supported by neuroscience  

  • Personalized support – Enjoy a personalized progress plan that motivates on this incredible journey 

  • Loving support system – Lean on the collective strength of your pod and support from an unbiased thinking partner

  • Sustained results – Multiple options for staying connected in our exclusive PQ Bootcamp grads community.

Ready to reclaim the power within you?

Untitled design (3).png

Hey there, I’m Molly McCormick. Master in Counseling, pioneer of the coaching industry, adventurer, athlete, continuous learner, champion of women and avid believer in the power of positive self-talk. I am also a Certified Positive Intelligence® Coach™. The Positive Intelligence ® Mental Fitness Program is part of Shirzad Chamine's Positive Intelligence® platform.


I can’t wave a magic wand and put you in the career, family, relationship or body you crave. But I can take you on an incredible mental wellness journey to help you shut down those saboteurs, empathize with yourself, and embrace new habits that alter your life for the better.


This is your opportunity to live your happiest life of possibility so it thrives for years to come. All you need to do is click. Take the free 2-minute assessment then book your complimentary clarity call. I can’t wait to meet you! 

Maya Stein.jpeg

In response to how the PQ® work has affected her creativity. “I would say the biggest thing is being able to tune out what might have derailed me. There’s more…flow, I think. A more even distribution of attention. I feel more focused like fewer things are falling through the cracks.”

Patti D.jpeg

The Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness boot camp was the boost I needed to help me learn to stay calm, better manage my stress and reactions. The tools I learned there changed everything - giving me practical steps to follow during any high stress exchange or need for more bandwidth in my thinking. Her coaching was consistent and helpful, inspiring me to go deeper with the process so I would get the most out of it. Easy to work with, a good listener, I highly recommend Molly and the Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness boot camp!

tricia markovitz.jpeg
Tricia Markowitz

Molly is one of the best listeners I know.

Working with her has increased my self awareness so I’m now much more responsive & not reactive.

I have less anxiety since I’ve been doing the prescribed exercises & feel more calm.

I can honestly say I’m a better human being & Molly is instrumental in that!!!


I highly recommend Molly and her coaching services within the Positive Intelligence® (PQ®) approach.

I have worked with her since 2016 when, after our home flooded for a second time, I knew I needed help to navigate my next chapter. Molly is a long-time coach and a committed student of her craft. While she brought many valuable insights and much comfort throughout our relationship, when she hitched her wagon to the PQ® framework, the magic took hold for me.



The coach identified herein is an independent member of the PQ Coach program, and not an employee, agent, or representative of Positive Intelligence, LLC. The coaching program offered herein is independently owned and operated by the coach, and is not affiliated with or endorsed or sponsored by Positive Intelligence, LLC


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