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Hey there, I’m Molly McCormick. Master in Counseling, pioneer of the coaching industry, adventurer, athlete, continuous learner, champion of women and avid believer in the power of positivity. 


I can’t wave a magic wand and put you in the career, family, relationship or body you crave. But I can take you on an incredible mental wellness journey to help you shut down those saboteurs, empathize with yourself, and embrace new habits that alter your life for the better.


This is your opportunity to live your happiest life of possibility so it thrives for years to come. All you need to do is click. Take the free 3-minute assessment then book your complimentary clarity call. I can’t wait to meet you! 


Why I do what I do

I was on my way to retirement, taking on fewer clients when a colleague of mine invited me to do the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Boot Camp with her. It was offered for free from Shirzad Chamine, founder of Positive Intelligence to all certified Coaches. It was a lark and I am a junkie for personal development courses.


The boot camp set me on a surprising journey that brought a new enthusiasm for helping others. The Positive Intelligence methodology encompassed all of my previous work exploring the impact of negative beliefs, the latest scientific research, and a gamification program that made changing fun and sustainable.


I am no longer on my way to retirement because I am determined to get this Positive Intelligence (PQ) operating system into as many brains, hands, and hearts as possible. It is the most effective and sustainable way to experience a positive change in one’s attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts that I’ve come across in my long career as a life coach. I have personally experienced the PQ life-changing shifts and witnessed hundreds of clients become kinder, more loving, happier, peaceful and compassionate to themselves and to others.


B.A. – Social Welfare/Women’s Studies - San Diego State University, San Diego CA 

M.A. – Counseling/Psychology - Antioch University, Seattle – Seattle Washington



Certified Mental Fitness Coach, Positive Intelligence®

Certified Conversational Intelligence ® Coach

Instructor – Heart Rhythm Meditation – 2-year program - Institute of Applied Meditation Tucson, Arizona    

Instructor – Nurtured Heart Method – Children’s Success Foundation, Tucson, AZ   

Certified Professional Personal Coach – Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA


My Story

If I look back on my life, I can connect the dots. All along, there were signposts revealing to me that my destiny in life was coaching. 

I am a born and bred listener. This skill was passed on to me through genetics. My mom was quite the listener and I believe I got it from her. Here’s the thing about listening: it makes you curious. The more you hear people the more you start thinking about the big questions. What makes us happy? What drives us to do the things we do? Curiosity made me hungry. I needed to hear voices from all strata of life. I needed to see the world and travel.

To my family, I made a foolish decision. “Why can’t you work in a bank? ” my mom would plead. “They make a nice salary.” But money didn’t motivate me much. I wanted to live life on the edge.

So I went and lived in Alaska. I worked in canneries and processing boats. I met all sorts of people from all over the world. I hitchhiked down the Alaska Highway to the lower 48. Actively sought out fun and adventure. Tried to feel OK with the world.

When I did work I did all sorts of people-centered jobs. Many years as a massage therapist. Seven as a health and wellness coach in the insurance industry — managing, strategizing, motivating teams toward wellness and lowered healthcare costs. Ten years in the world of non-profits, working with domestic violence survivors, AIDS patients and recovering alcoholics and addicts.

This rollercoaster life has one common thread — loving people is the driving force of my life and work. I believe that what you give out comes straight back to you. One of the greatest privileges of being a coach is that I grow alongside my clients. If you shine and allow yourself to have whatever it is you want, you unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. This ethos has clearly shown itself in my work as a coach.

What I’ve learned is: we can be whatever we want to be. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind about the truth of this statement. Life brings its ups and downs. But we can develop the resilience, self-esteem and stamina to bounce back in a way that’s absolutely authentic to ourselves. We just need a little help sometimes.

After many years of watching me gallivant around the world, my mother finally stopped mentioning the bank job. These days, the thing that makes me smile the most is a memory of her eyeing me with barely concealed pride, singing the words of Frank Sinatra.

“I did it my way.”

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