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Easy Peasy is the Name of the Game

"When we get curious, we re-engage our rational mind. We notice the emotion without getting sucked into the content of the emotion. Curiosity is an antidote to reactivity." Byron Katie

The muscle of curiosity is what gets developed in the 6 Week Mental Fitness Boot Camp. The difference between time of reactivity and time of curious response is greatly reduced after the 6 weeks of working and building those grey matter cells in the prefrontal cortex.

In the beginning of the boot camp, most people want to reduce their levels of annoyance, irritation and frustration with outside or internal challenges. In order to do that, we have to identify more specifically the thoughts and beliefs we are running with each situation. The boot camp helps us define the habitual voices that rain on our parades. This allows us to make a choice to believe or react differently. But we can’t do any of those things until we have built up the capacity for the rational brain to function well. And THAT is why this Mental Fitness Boot Camp is so effective.

I have clients who have been using the Positive Intelligence framework for over a year. Every one of them tells me about a stressful situation they have been in and have not reacted with stress. While trying to find a solution, they said it is like another person moving and talking. Their spouses, their friends, their kids all say “Wow, you handled that so calmly! What’s up with that?”

And THAT is the evidence of the built up muscles in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain!

PQ (Positive Intelligence) reps are 2 minute mindfulness exercises. I like to think of doing these reps like bicep curls. The more I do, the bigger the muscle. The bigger the muscle, the more weight I can pick up. The more weight I can pick up, the more things I can handle with ease. If you apply that to Mental Fitness, you've got the idea of the power behind it.

Easy peasy is a goal of the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Boot Camp!

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