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Retirement Is A Big Change!

Psychosocial. Adjective. psy·cho·so·cial ˌsī-kō-ˈsō-shəl 1 : involving both psychological and social aspects

What are the psychosocial aspects of retirement? There is plenty of information out there about financial readiness for retirement but I believe there is an even greater need for preparing for the psychosocial aspects of retirement

Bottom line – retirement is a big change…no matter what your work, financial or social status is!

Recently I put out a survey asking various questions having to do with retirement. The answer to the question, “How will you know or how did you know it was time to retire? The majority answers were “burned out”, “didn’t care anymore”, “frustrated…” The second runner-up, financial security, was no surprise.

The most reported challenges involved with retirement were letting go of the work identity and dealing with unaccustomed free time.

But the surprising factor for most people who are already retired was how much they were enjoying themselves “Once they got used to being retired!”

To make retirement a better experience almost everyone who has already retired wishes they had been given a heads-up about the impact this change would have on them. There were some expressions of grief, but also pride in their past contributions and also a wish to not feel so rudderless in the first year.

The reason I am pointing these things out is to highlight the fact that retirement is a BIG DEAL! I am not focused on your financial readiness for this stage but focused on the fact that this is a major developmental stage of being human. We are living much longer than our ancestors which means that once we quit work as we’ve known it, career, vocation, or a means of supporting our families, our lives are still moving forward. Our ability to create meaning and contribution is still alive and kicking. But there is a YOU in that transition period that needs tending to – And that is why I’ve developed this Chapter 2 For You program.

Based on the Positive Intelligence platform, we will use the Mental Fitness Boot Camp to build the tools to navigate this next step.

Join me for a free webinar where I will show you how to switch off worrying thoughts by utilizing your brain muscles and some of the common pitfalls of retirement and how to prepare for them. Registration information is on my site -

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